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What’s FMC’s Motto and How
it Works?

With a pure intention to provide education and hassle-free learning sources to every single corner of the planet, we get an idea and concept to create an online learning environment for the students which also becomes a new way of earning for the trainers as well. Consequently, here introduced a wonderful learning app which we named as “Find My Coach” in short FMC.

This app works on both the ends students and teacher. As by registering themselves on this app, they both can get connected with one another to gain and share the lessons and in-depth knowledge about any particular subject category. Do not hesitate a bit to make yourself a verified member of this app by being registered here. Though you are a coach or a disciple, it's our onus to keep your data safe.

How it works

Make a free

Ever though, an individual is a teacher or a student, they need to make a free registration here before to grab the benefits of this app. Although they are looking for more income or to get good exam grades.

Coach-students finds
one another

Being the registered member of this portal, a student and teacher will be enabled to find one another in their nearby location. They can also visit each other’s profiles to get more details about one another.


Whenever a student will find a perfect coach for their studies for any particular subject at their closet location, they can get directly connected with that coach and a coach can also find a student.

Teacher Student can
go for Live Chat

After getting connected with one another, a teacher and student can go for a brief conversation through the in-built live chat option to discuss the coaching for the required subject and fee structure.

Teacher gets paid
Withdrawal Earned Money

A teacher will get paid for their coaching, whenever a student or teacher will together fix a teaching job and also finalize the fee structure, and the student completed the teacher’s hiring process. A registered teacher can anytime withdrawal their earned income.

Awesome Results and
Happy Students

Finally, after getting trained from the skilled teacher and gained extensive knowledge about the particular subject, a student becomes happier as they get their exam results with A+ grades.

Trusted by
Student & Coach

Supported by real team

Our team of Happiness Engineers works remotely from 58 countries providing customer support across multiple time zones.

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